I'm an Introspective Coach and Writer who has helped inspire men and women to grow, love and heal for over 7 years. Eff small talk. Let’s go deep.


are you struggling with your self worth? have you been wounded in a relationship with family, friends, intimate partners or all of the above? are you just simply feeling stuck in your present life?

if so, hit this button below and let’s unpack together. let me help you create your healing plan.


Upcoming Workshops

not for the faint at heart. my workshops are for people struggling with their self worth.  for those that may have been wounded in a relationship with family, friends or intimate partners.  for those that are just simply feeling stuck or out of place in their present life. my work is the light touch needed to help inspire you to begin seeking guidance and taking action in various areas of your life.

  • Unpacking Relationships: How Your First Love Affects Your Last

  • Unpacking Heartbreak

  • Unpacking Sex + Desire

  • Unpacking Abortions: Releasing Guilt & Fear

  • R.E.Mixed - Unpacking Race, Equality & Being Mixed

Who Am I?

the girls dem sugar. master at creating dope spaces for dope people. introspective as f**k. f bombs slide off my tongue like a smooth shot of jack daniels. my intuition is on 100 and I’m a great listener. you can find me at the intersection of art, food, baggy jeans, 90s r&b and lovers rock reggae, manifestation and spirituality, social justice and sisterhood. oh ya, and everyone affectionately calls me Tash.



Places I’ve Been, People I’ve Seen

always down to share space in healing communities, whether it’s through teaching, facilitating or sharing my story. check out where I’ve been recently and hit me up if you’d like us to share space together.



Random Notes from a Broken Girl

by Natasha Helwig

November 19, 2016


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