Does Your Heart Ever Beat Alone?

How can your heart know what's good for it, if it's never had a chance to beat alone?

You've moved from one relationship to the next.  From one love to another.  From one man or woman to another.  Bouncing from love to heartache over and over again never once experiencing aloneness.

You've gone on countless dates.  Rolled around in bed with numerous people, some deserving and others completely undeserving of your sex.

You've had plenty glasses of wine or shots of bourbon with your friends, desperately crying out over wanting to find the right person.  And after each relationship that ends, you stockpile the new standards and credentials that this new partner needs to fit.  Never once taking a moment alone to figure out what it is you love and desire about yourself.

How do you even really know what a good man or woman looks like?  How do you know what your heart desires when you haven't spent time loving it on your own?  How can you attract what you deserve when you haven't given your mind, body and soul a rest for even a second to know what it feels like to connect with love - love from yourself.

It's tossed around so much "you can't love another if you don't know how to love yourself."  Well let me say this:  Another Person cannot love YOU if you don't know how to love yourself.  If you aren't capable of being open with, vulnerable with, selfish and loving towards your damn self, then no other person will ever care enough about valuing and loving you adequately.

You set the standard for what you deserve.  Love yourself completely and allow that love to be reflected back onto you by another. 

Love n' Light Always.

- tash