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thank you for being here. thank you for trusting me, the community I’ve built and this space. thank you for making the decision to get unstuck and bring more light into your life.

congratulations! I am so excited to share space with you and inspire you to grow, love and heal.

my intention is to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and to inspire you to spend more time focusing on and loving yourself while being supported by me throughout the process.

please complete this form below and let me know how you are feeling today, what’s led you to reach out to me and how I can support your process. once I receive your message I will reach out to you and we will setup a date to chat further whether via phone, zoom, or if you are feeling private, we can continue corresponding via email.

in the meantime, I am sending you all the love and light I possibly can. I am excited to hear from you :)

-tash xo

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