Welcome to Broken Heals

Helping Black women grow, love, heal and be heard by doing the self work + healing as a community.

About Us

Broken Heals is a space for Black womxn to grow, love, heal, feel and be heard.  This is a space where Black womxn can feel deeply, be soft, experience and receive vulnerability and truly take their mf capes off.  

Broken Heals was founded by Natasha Helwig, aka Tash, a Self Work Facilitator, whose focus is on helping Black people unpack their relationships with self and others so that they can feel whole again.  The intention of this group is to have a therapeutic space where Black womxn can safely express themselves, introspect, dive deep and learn and grow together.

If you've ever struggled with your self worth, have been wounded in a relationship with family, friends, intimate partners or all of the above, or if you've just simply been feeling stuck in your present life, then this space is for you.

Hit the button below and lets unpack together.  Let Tash and other amazing womxn and facilitators help you feel whole again and as Wu Tang Clan says it:  for crying out loud our style is wild so join me (or something like that lol).

So I'm thinking about joining, but what would I get?

  • An active, healing community!  I don't know about you but I'm over the boring Facebook group, not to mention Facebook itself.  This is an interactive community that connects you with other members in your area that are focused on self awareness, vulnerability and wanting to grow, love, feel and heal together.
  • Monthly self work group coaching sessions where I help you dive deeper and aim to help you get to an Aha or breakthrough moment all the while being supported by other incredible Black womxn in the community.
  • Q+A and Ask Me Anything sessions where I share my healing tools and teach you how to embrace love, freedom and aloneness at different stages in your life.
  • VOLUME - A space to simply ‘vent out loud just u + me'.  No judgement.  No unsolicited advice.  Just come through, vent and be heard.  We holding space.
  • A Few Good Men - A monthly curated panel where Black men who are also focused on healing answer our top questions on love, freedom, relationships and aloneness.
  • Exclusive offers and VIP invites on courses and resources to help level up your healing journey.
  • Monthly opportunities to market and mastermind with other entrepreneurs and creatives in the group and put your products and services in front of our members who are willing to invest in your business.
  • A supportive circle of Black womxn who will big you up and celebrate your wins, motivate the hell outta ya and support and guide one another through our triumph’s, losses and even when we are simply just feeling okay.

What Our Members Are Saying:

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